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Live and Let Live survey: Belizeans are highly tolerant, neighborly and do not accept discrimination.

Neighborliness, respect for others and fair treatment, despite our differences, are values important to a rising majority of Belizeans, according to a survey released today.

The Live and Let Live campaign has returned heartening results from a survey exploring Belizeans’ attitudes towards groups who typically experience discrimination. In comparison to an identical survey carried out in early 2020, the data shows clear upwards trends towards acceptance, respect, rejection of all forms of discrimination, and an appreciation for being a good neighbor.

Belizean values:

1. Belizeans are caring. For example, more than 95 percent of those surveyed agreed that people living with disability should be protected in the workplace.

2. Belizeans are neighborly. More than 58 percent of us are confident that a neighbor would help us if we had a personal or family problem.

3. Belizeans agree that women and men should be treated equally. Almost all respondents in 2021 (more than 98 percent) agreed that women should have access to the same education as men in Belize.

4. Belizeans are tolerant of difference. Over 65 percent of Belizeans report having no issue should they have an LGBT person for a neighbor.

5. Belizeans’ acceptance of others has increased. In 2020, when the survey was run for the first time, there were hugely positive results and yet, this year, we have seen it return even more affirmative data.

6. Belizeans believe in live and let live. When asked which values we should keep in mind regarding LGBT people, more than 60 percent chose one of the following three: We are all God’s children; We should treat others the way we want to be treated; It is important to respect each other, as Belizeans.

You can find the survey here

Live and Let Live – a campaign by and for everyday Belizeans – was launched in 2020, with a set of public service announcements (PSAs) aired across all major TV channels and radio stations, as well as social media. A new series of PSAs featuring ordinary Belizeans who have faced extraordinary challenges was released this year.

The TV and radio announcements have allowed real people to share their stories of witnessing and overcoming discrimination. According to the most recent viewing figures, the announcements have been viewed and listened to by more than 70 percent of the nation.

You can view the short films, which elevate the voices of women, people living with disability and LGBT people and their loved ones on the Live and Let Live Facebook page:

The Belizean public’s reaction to the PSAs has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Viewers have since come forward to share their own stories and views, sparking a conversation about how we treat one another, and showing how ‘do unto others as you would have done unto yourself’ is a deeply-rooted Belizean national value.

As one Facebook user put it, “To me, ‘live’ means live your own life as how you see fit, according to your values and truths, and ‘let live’ means allowing others the space to do the same.” 

Live and Let Live spokesperson and long-standing equality and healthcare champion, Mrs Laura Tucker-Longsworth, said:

“The results of this survey only confirm what I know to be true: you can rely on Belizeans to support their neighbors and allow them freedom to live their lives and prosper.

This past year has been full of new and daunting challenges, but has also illuminated for us so clearly just how resilient and supportive our communities can be.

We are a nation that values fairness, respect for one another, and good neighborliness. The survey data from last year already showed us this, and I am pleased and proud that our nation has only improved in tolerance since the beginning of the Live and Let Live campaign in 2020.

Let’s carry on the conversation about how we can put these universally esteemed principles into practice!”

The Live and Let Live campaign invites you to join the conversation and share your own stories of acceptance for your neighbors and to build a fair and equal Belize.


Notes to Editors

For more information or to request an interview with Mrs Laura Tucker-Longsworth, please contact Ms. Nicole Wood: 501-602-4900 / [email protected]