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Our Campaign

What is the objective of the Live and Let Live campaign?
Live and Let Live is a campaign rooted in Belizean values that aims to elevate the stories of real people who have faced discrimination – either personally or through the experience of their loved ones – and believe it’s time to spark a national conversation about the importance of treating all Belizeans with respect. This campaign will harness the power of personal stories and our shared values as Belizeans to build public support and understanding for our neighbors who have for too long been treated differently simply because of who they are.

What are the commercials and advertisements based on?
Every story shared in the Live and Let Live campaign is one of real Belizean people and families explaining why they believe it’s time to treat all of our neighbors with respect. This campaign will never use actors – only real people, sharing their authentic stories. We invite anyone who shares the belief that no Belizean should be treated differently because of who they are to share their story with us on our website:

Who is the campaign founded by?
Live and Let Live is a collaborative campaign bringing together every-day Belizeans who believe in treating everyone with respect. The campaign is founded by a wide coalition of organizations that represent populations who are at the highest risk of facing discrimination – including the National AIDS Commission, the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children and the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation.

How will the campaign engage the public?

Our campaign will meet Belizeans where they are – using digital platforms, television, and radio to elevate the real stories of our neighbors, family and friends who believe in ensuring respect for all people. But more importantly, this is a campaign about neighbors talking to neighbors – and through our efforts, we’ll aim to spark face-to-face conversations across Belize to engage thousands of people in an important conversation about why following the Golden Rule and treating others as we’d wish to be treated is a reflection of our shared values as Belizeans.